I live alongside the Atlantic Ocean just outside of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. I am a graduate of Saint Mary’s University (Bachelor of Commerce, Marketing) and I spent the first 20 years of my corporate career in sales and marketing positions within the publishing industry.  In 2010, I began my entrepreneurial adventure by launching MarketingIntegrity.ca to help small/medium business owners with their marketing strategies and I started MinistryStory.com to help churches with their communications and outreach strategy. In 2015, these two companies were merged together with New Media Motion and rebranded as a new, more effective company, BeResponsive Media.

I am actively involved with two non-profit organizations as Ministry Director of JesusAtlantic.com and Chair of the Leadership Board at LifeBridge Church.


Church events in Atlantic Canada

JesusAtlantic.com went online in September 2001.  This site helps churches and ministries in Atlantic Canada to communicate their news and upcoming events for free. It has been a hugely successful service and has grown to an average of 2500-3000 unique visitors every month.

LifeBridge Church:


In 2005, my wife and I joined with Rob and Julie Laidlaw to form the leadership team of a new church in the Halifax, Nova Scotia community of Cole Harbour called LifeBridge Community Church.

We held our first service on Easter Sunday 2005 and have had the privilege of helping many people who were not going to a church at all to connect with God for the first time and let Jesus be the leader of their lives.  Helping people grow in their relationship with Jesus and live that out daily has been the best ministry experience of my 24-years of being a Christian.


In 2010, I started my own businesses, MinistryStory.com to help churches and MarketingIntegrity.ca to help small businesses. These businesses evolved into a more effective partnership as BeResponsive Media in 2015.

I have a passion to help churches and small businesses communicate with greater effectiveness, impact, and excellence.


I personally believe that churches have the greatest story on the planet to tell – the life-changing story of Jesus.  However, pastors and church leaders often struggle to strategically develop and implement tools they can use to tell that story and the role their church plays in living it out in their community.  I am dedicating my career to educating and serving churches in the pursuit of more effective ministry storytelling.

Small/Medium Businesses:

I love small business owners – they have passion, creativity, and energy to help people with their products and services. I have met some awesome business leaders in the past few years.  They love what they do and I come alongside them to serve by helping them strategically implement marketing tools that will best connect them with their target customers.  They can concentrate on managing their business and I help them navigate their marketing and communication through the use of the web, social media, and traditional print media tools.  It’s a win-win!

Coffee on Me:

So, if you are interested in meeting – I am buying the coffee!  There is no obligation to proceed – let’s just meet – I want to hear your story and then together we can discuss some creative and strategic ways that I might be able to help you and your organization to communicate your story more effectively.

Call me at 902.878.0030 or e-mail me:  David@DavidTonen.com